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We are aware that some of our customers located on bays GD452, GD453, GD454 and GD456 have experienced a huge downtime caused by a Synflood on our main backbone routers. The routers have now been replaced and the servers are back online. For some, the downtime was at irregular intervals, for others it was a long single downtime. The issue has now ... Read More »

12th Oct 2017

In an effort to protect ourselves and all our customers from unauthorised orders or unwanted renewals, we have today canceled all our Paypal Customer's subscriptions. This is due to some customers still paying for services they do not have anymore with us. We now require our customers to pay manually on or before due date. This will allow all our ... Read More »

22nd Sept 2017

Some customers hosted on 5.44.x.x ranges may be experiencing a loss of connectivity later today 25th August 2017 for a few hours while our backbone router Ddos protection layer is being upgraded. Any issues should be reported to in the event your IPs take too long to respond to pings.

25th Aug 2017

A few customers will experience a loss of connectivity on Saturday 8th July 2007 at 11.30 PM BST while we rectify and patch a security hole.

Should there be ANY user unable to login, please contact us immediately on

3rd Jul 2017

A scheduled maintenance on our Racks #884 and #781 is planned for 12/06/2017 at 1 pm UK Time with an estimated downtime of 30 mns.

Affected Servers within ranges :

Should your server be unavailable after this time, please contact us immediately.

9th Jun 2017

18 FULL KVM CONFIGURATIONS AVAILABLE FROM $2.99 Maximum 8 x IPv4 per Node 2 Cores - 1 GB - 10 GB - vDS-110 4 Cores - 1 GB - 20 GB - vDS-120 6 Cores - 1 GB - 30 GB - vDS-130 Maximum 32 x IPv4 per Node 2 Cores - 2 GB - 25 GB - vDS-225 4 Cores - 2 GB - 50 GB - vDS-250 6 Cores - 2 GB - 75 GB - vDS-275 2 Cores - 4 GB - 25 GB - vDS-425 4 Cores - 4 ... Read More »

22nd May 2017

We have today partnered with Whastapp to provide premium sales and technical support to our customers. Our customers can now reach us on Whatsapp using the number : 00 44 (0) 77 298 34358 where one of our agents will assist.Please note that this number should ONLY be used for emergencies and is NOT a replacement for non urgent queries which phone ... Read More »

21st Dec 2016

Following several requests, we have been reluctant (due to their higher fees) to accept Amex Cards.From today we are pleased to inform our customers that in addition to the major debit and credit cards, we are now able to accept Amex as well. As usual, internal and external security checks and undisclosed procedures are put in place to prevent ... Read More »

2nd Dec 2016


15th Nov 2016

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18th Sept 2016