We provide colocation and rackspace in our Tier-4 & ISO 27001 Certified UK Datacenter located in the Midlands. Our highly trained technicians will rack your servers, routers or other IT equipment into our racks for colocation but can also help you install your hardware onto your own rack.

Power and Network cables are supplied and access to your rackspace is available 24/7.

If you have your own set of IPv4 or IPv6 space, we provide BGP services so you can announce them. We are also able to supply a set number of IPs as per your request. An IP justification form will be required before allocation.

Facilities ~ Power ~ Cooling

An N+N power setup is being used in our Datacenter for optimum reduduncy. On indivdual racks, we have 2 x 16 Amp PDU feeding from different power sources. Up to 64 Amp per rack is available on request.
N+N cooling setup is also used in our facilities. The main cooling system is using free cooling technology for net energy efficiency. For each primary unit, there's a backup unit which is ready to take over in the event of a cooling failure. Our cold air is maintained at a an optimised temperature ideal for all equipment.

Network and Connectivity

N+N Network designed for maximum reduduncy. The same philosophy has been applied to add resilience to our network which provides 100% reduduncy in case of connectivity failure. Dedicated APs provide direct Fiber access to key providers who are themselves allocated a dedicated rack.
Internet Access is provided by a range of Tier 1 suppliers protected by our DDoS attack mitigation service. VLAN, MPLS and Private P2P services are also available from 2 Mbs to 100 Gbs.

Security ~ Fire Prevention ~ Risk Assessment

24/7x365 Monitored CCTV Caneras at every corner and entrances of the Datacenter with additional extensive security upgrades, electric gates with anti-tailgate, a two way access control, reinforced doors with dog bolts, reinforced windows & walls throughout the facility, advanced access control systems, auto-arming systems in each data suite based on activity or onsite and remote monitoring inside the datacenter are some of the features which make our site extremely secure for your data.
Fire risk assessment and training are performed on a regular basis. Fire detection and suppression systems as well as VESDA are installed in every data hall and linked 24/7 to the closest firestation. Our Datacenter is not in a flood area so the risk of flooding from natural causes is inexistent.

Additional Onsite Features

Our Datacenter has an onsite kitchen, lounge and dining area, build rooms and hot desks (allowing you to connect to your equipment remotely and work in confort and privacy), showers with changing room but also a meeting and board room, storage lockers and a 125+ onsite secure parking. Various restaurants and hotels are availble nearby.

Customisation and Pricing