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We have now implemented an additional layer of fraud prevention on all our new orders.

25th Jan 2019

For customers currently using as a Gateway, please note that this has now been modified to Therefore, customers on ranges 93.110.184.x to 93.110.191.x must use Gateway and Netmask Should you have any queries or issues, please raise a support ticket in order for our techs to assist you. Read More »

9th Dec 2018

Following the last upgrade to  our 2019_v2 , we will be moving our last 2 remaining nodes 900 and 910 as mentioned last month. Details of the planned maintenance are as follows :  ---------- Start: 10/10/18 @ 11:00 GMT* Latest Finish:  10/10/18 @ 13:45 GMT* Impact: Inevitable downtime as the nodes are physically moved ------------ Only ... Read More »

8th Oct 2018

Get instant SMS status notifications regarding your orders, delivery, support ticket responses etc...

Edit your profile and update your phone number to receive these notifications.

27th Sept 2018

To celebrate the launch of our new Cloud Storage products, we are giving a way a limited amount of vouchers to our customers! Get 15% OFF by using the coupon code ZYU51M9YDY Our cloud storage products are as follows : $8.99 for 100 GB and 1 TB Bandwidth $10.99 for 500 GB and 2 TB Bandwidth $14.99 for 1 TB and 5 TB Bandwidth $24.99 for 2 TB ... Read More »

26th Sept 2018

We have identified an issue on the storage engine on node 962 which will be replaced. Details of the planned maintenance are as follows :  ---------- Start: 21/09/18 @ 7:00 pm GMT ETA* Finish: 21/09/18 @ 9:00 pm GMT Impact: NO loss of data is expected, however the sync process might take the node down for a few mns within the ... Read More »

21st Sept 2018

We will be having a planned maintenance during which our nodes will be physically moved to our 2019_v2 infrastructure  in order to increase the security, performance and stability of our network and hardware    Details of the planned maintenance are as follows :  ---------- Start: 07/09/18 @ 8:00 GMT Latest Finish: 07/09/18 @ 13:00 ... Read More »

15th Aug 2018

We will have a planned network maintenance on one of our core switch which will allow us to add up to 25 Gb/s capabilities. The maintenance has the following schedule :  Start: 31/07/18 @ 19:00 GMT Finish: 31/07/18 @ 21:00 GMT Impact: Session drop during the reloadWe appreciate your understanding and patience during this process. Read More »

18th Jul 2018

We have today added an additional layer of fraud prevention to protect our business and our customers. All orders starting today will be further screened before being validated, which could lead to further delays.

Please note that phone verification and/or sms validation will also be required when placing an order.

8th Jul 2018

For a limited time only : ----Dual Xeon Dedicated Server32 GB DDR250 GB SSDUnlimited bandwidthFast Deployment5 IPs included No setup fees - No minimum contract-----Price $199 (was $279)Additional IPs on request subject to succesful application (ref. Terms of Service paragraph 17)Email us at for availability. Grab your ... Read More »

29th May 2018