We will be having a planned maintenance due to take place on a few of our core switches.

Details of the planned maintenance are as follows :


Start: 02/02/23 @ 9:00 GMT

Latest Finish: 02/02/23 @ 15:00 GMT

Details: Provision of powerfeed for our new DataHall. Engineers will be installing a new breaker to supply power to a new datahall on the output board for the blue feed UPS. No schduled switching or load transfers have been planned for this period. However, due to the nature and location of the works, we are notifying custsomers that there still a very small element of risj of the feed potentially being impacted.

Impact: Transparent for the majority of customers, however, those on on nodes 960 to 966 should be considered at risk for the duration of the at risk window.



Monday, January 9, 2023

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