Works Description: Approved Fire Safety contractors will be upgrading the fire stopping measures inside the internal (blue) UPS room at our Data Centre.

In order to perform the works, contractors will be working in and around the existing UPS room and switchgear for the blue power feed. No “scheduled” switching or load transfers have been planned for this period and additional precautions have been taken to prevent accidental damage or operations of any of the live equipment.

However, due to the nature and location of the works we are notifying customers that there is still a very small element of risk of the feed potentially being impacted. Works are only Scheduled between 0900 and 1700 GMT Monday to Friday and are anticipated to take a week to complete.

- Reason for works: Scheduled maintenance

- Affected: Customers located within UK-DC66B, UK-DC67B and UK-DC82A

- Impact: These works should be transparent to all customers, but the blue feed should be considered at risk for the duration of the works.

- Services Impacted: All equipment within UK-DC66B, UK-DC67B and UK-DC82A

- Window Start: 18/07/2021 – 09:00  (Site Local Time)

- Window End: 27/07/2021 – 17:00  (Site Local Time)


Thursday, June 30, 2022

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