We will be performing routine servicing on the transformers and associated HV switchgear.

Details of the planned maintenance are as follows :


Start: 06/07/21 @ 10:00 GMT

Latest Finish: 06/07/21 @ 18:00 GMT

Details: Routine maintenance. Load will be transferred from mains to generator, once the load is supported by the generators mains will be temporarily disconnected to allow the HV transformers and associated switchgear to be serviced. Power will be provided to the UPS via the generators for the duration of the at risk window.   There will be electrical contractors and a generator contractor on site throughout the maintenance window.

Impact: These works should be transparent to all customers. Only customers with a single main switch should be considered "at risk" due to mains not being available throughout the works period.


Customers on colocation should be considered at risk for the duration of the at risk window.

Customers on nodes 6xx to 959 are not affected

Customers on nodes 4xx and 5xx are not affected

Customers on dedicated servers are not affected

Customers on shared hosting and emails are not affected

Customers with domains are not affected


We appreciate your understanding and patience during this process and encourage you to follow our twitter feed for live updates

Saturday, June 19, 2021

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