We will be having a planned maintenance to investigate and rectify a possible fault to the UPS protecting the GV-OR112 power feed at our Datacenter. During these works the UPS will need to be taken offline in order to have the fault corrected meaning any customers that solely use this feed will be at risk from a possible mains failure.

Although the UPS is fully functioning, the manufacturer recommends pro-active maintenance with a prompt investigation and any necessary remediation of the fault in order to retain full resilience within the UPS itself hence the "critical" requirement.

Details of the planned maintenance are as follows : 


Start: 18/10/19 @ 9:00 GMT

Finish: 18/10/19 @ 5:00 GMT

Impact: Inevitable downtime of 10 mns max IF affected


Customers on nodes 960 to 972 MAY experience an inevitable downtime

Customers on nodes 6xx to 9xx are not affected

Customers on nodes 4xx and 5xx are not affected

Customers on nodes 900 to 959 are not affected

Customers on dedicated servers are not affected

Customers on shared hosting and emails are not affected

Customers with domains are not affected


Tuesday, October 15, 2019

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