✨ New Feature : Affiliates Program ✨

We have today enabled our Affiliates Program which allows you to refer customers to us and earn a 5% commission from every sale. Got a website? Using Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...) or posting on forums ? Then add your referral link to your email signatures or your posts and get paid for every new registration. It's THAT simple : ... Leer Más »

31º Oct 2019
🚑 [ Notification of UPS Maintenance ]

We will be having a planned maintenance to investigate and rectify a possible fault to the UPS protecting the GV-OR112 power feed at our Datacenter. During these works the UPS will need to be taken offline in order to have the fault corrected meaning any customers that solely use this feed will be at risk from a possible mains failure. Although ... Leer Más »

15º Oct 2019
🎂 🍹 [ Bye Bye SSD : Welcome NVme ! ] 🎈🎉

During the course of the week starting 10th June 2019, we will be upgrading ALL our customers with the latest Nvme storage modules and remove SSD storage. NVme offers 10 x times better speeds than SSD (Gb/s read/write rates compared to Mb/s read/write). There will be no price increase for our current and new customers. Downtimes of 10 mns max ... Leer Más »

7º Jun 2019
🚑 [ Planned Maintenance on nodes 960 to 966 ]

We will be having a planned maintenance during which some of our nodes will be physically upgraded to increase security, network speed and reliability.  Details of the planned maintenance are as follows :  ---------- Start: 30/04/19 @ 9:45 GMT Latest Finish: 30/04/19 @ 15:00 GMT Impact: Inevitable downtime as the nodes will physically ... Leer Más »

28º Abr 2019
🚑 [ Node Storage Increase ]

We will be increasing the capacity on our node-960.  Details of the planned maintenance are as follows :  ---------- Start: 08/02/2019  @ 11:05 pm GMT ETA* Finish: 08/02/2019  @ 12:30 pm GMT Impact: NO loss of data is expected, however the sync process might take the node down for a short period. ---------- *ETAs are maximum values. If ... Leer Más »

3º Feb 2019
👮 [ Additional security checks enabled on all new orders ]

We have now implemented an additional layer of fraud prevention on all our new orders.

25º Ene 2019
🚨 [ Network Gateway Modification ]

For customers currently using as a Gateway, please note that this has now been modified to Therefore, customers on ranges 93.110.184.x to 93.110.191.x must use Gateway and Netmask Should you have any queries or issues, please raise a support ticket in order for our techs to assist you. Leer Más »

9º Dic 2018
🚑 [ Scheduled Maintenance on nodes 900 & 910 ]

Following the last upgrade to  our 2019_v2 , we will be moving our last 2 remaining nodes 900 and 910 as mentioned last month. Details of the planned maintenance are as follows :  ---------- Start: 10/10/18 @ 11:00 GMT* Latest Finish:  10/10/18 @ 13:45 GMT* Impact: Inevitable downtime as the nodes are physically moved ------------ Only ... Leer Más »

8º Oct 2018
✨ New Feature : SMS Notification ✨

Get instant SMS status notifications regarding your orders, delivery, support ticket responses etc...

Edit your profile and update your phone number to receive these notifications.

27º Sep 2018
🎂 🍹 [ New Product Launch : Cloud Storage ] 🎈🎉

To celebrate the launch of our new Cloud Storage products, we are giving a way a limited amount of vouchers to our customers! Get 15% OFF by using the coupon code ZYU51M9YDY Our cloud storage products are as follows : $8.99 for 100 GB and 1 TB Bandwidth $10.99 for 500 GB and 2 TB Bandwidth $14.99 for 1 TB and 5 TB Bandwidth $24.99 for 2 TB ... Leer Más »

26º Sep 2018